Game of Gods Series

The King's Game

Game of Gods Book 1

Daphne Hale is dead. Isn’t she?

She thought she was on the road trip from hell, but after the bus carrying her and twenty coeds plunges off a cliff, Daphne might actually be there. Caught somewhere between life and death, Daphne and her fellow travelers find themselves in a mysterious realm with a second chance…if they dare to take it.

At the center of this new existence is the mysterious Essos. The charismatic and fascinating man offers the women a choice—move on to the Afterlife, or stay and compete against each other for a new role—Queen of the Underworld.

The rules are simple. Be yourself. Don’t ask questions. Trust the process. But as strange dreams haunt her nights and new allies make her second-guess everything, Daphne will face a different choice between believing her eyes…and listening to her heart.

The Selection meets Greek mythology in this sparkling and enthralling fantasy retelling of Persephone and Hades. Book 1 of a trilogy.

The Queen’s Gamble

Game of Gods Book 2

No matter what move she makes, there will be consequences.

Daphne Hale has transformed from pawn to queen. Or has she?

Daphne's caught once more between the man she loves and the man who seeks to own her. Estranged from Essos and forced to cater to Galen, Daphne fights to navigate the dangerous waters of the Trials as she moves closer to the seemingly inevitable endgame - marriage to the man who murdered her.

As the Underworld itself trembles with unstable power and Daphne’s own magic weakens daily, every move could be her undoing. To protect those she loves, Daphne must go along with the charade. But no one ever won a game of chess by resigning.

This reborn goddess may be in check, but it’s her move.

The Royal Gauntlet

Game of Gods Book 3

I need no shelter from the storm.


As the newly returned Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld, Daphne should be focused on fixing her kingdom, not battling the rogue Fate who's been manipulating all their lives. But Posey has the mortal and immortal realms trembling in her grasp, and chaos reigns supreme.

Freed from her murderer’s chokehold, Daphne has finally reunited with her beloved husband, Essos, the King of the Dead. As the worlds around them fall apart, Daphne must protect the child growing inside her. The Queen and King of the Underworld have everything to fight for and everything to lose. Loyal gods and goddesses flock to their side, prepared to use all their power to fight fate itself.

It may not be enough.

Fighting Posey on multiple fronts in the mortal realm, Solarem, and the Underworld has them spread thin. As shocking secrets come to light, friends turn foe, and immortality itself comes into question, Daphne must decide just how much–or who–she’s willing to sacrifice in an endgame that no one may win.