Stand Alone Titles

Holly Carlisle never saw him coming.

Not when she kisses him to save her from confronting her ex.

Not afterward, when he calls her with a proposition that’s too good to refuse.

Parker Worthington can't stop thinking about her.

Their off-the-charts chemistry when she kissed him.

The way her soft body pressed against his in the bar.

When Parker offers Holly more money than she's ever dreamed of to be his fake date, how can she say no? Despite their sizzling sexual chemistry, Holly insists sex is off the table.

But that doesn’t stop them from pushing the limit every chance they get.

New York. Shanghai. Paris.

No city light burns hotter than the desire between them, and it quickly becomes clear that the feelings growing between them are inevitable.

Can they admit there’s more than just incredibly hot, casual sex between them? Or will pain from their pasts cause their budding relationship to fizzle out before it gets a chance to flourish?

Holiday In Handcuffs

Evergreen Lake: Under the Mistletoe Book 1



Coming October 2024