Love in the Big Apple Series

Central Park Collision

Love In The Big Apple Book 1

Can a girl with no past have a future with the man responsible for stealing her memories?

Elia Daniels can’t remember the last five years of her life. She doesn’t remember having a falling out with her best friend or where she works. And more importantly, why was she riding her bike through Central Park in the middle of the night. Understanding what drove her into the rain that night feels like the missing piece. When her search reveals that no one is looking for her, she’ll have to rely on the help of the workaholic millionaire who feels responsible for her accident.

Charles Breckenridge, III hasn’t taken a day off in years from his father’s private equity firm. When the taxi he’s in hits Elia in the middle of a storm, nothing is the same again. For the first time in ten years, he’s stepping away from work and focusing on Elia. She’s stubborn and brave in ways that he’s never encountered, but she’s lost in a way that drives him to help her. His father, his best friend, and his ex-fiancée are determined to undermine their relationship at every turn.

As the relationship between Elia and Charles heats up in the tight quarters of his apartment, they have to decide if they want to pursue the other in spite of the power balance between them. At every turn, there seem to be detractors working against them.

Is fate enough to keep them together or will other forces both known and unknown keep them apart?

Las Vegas Luck

Love In the Big Apple Book 1.5

Things are about to get Bach Sh*t Crazy.

Four friends leave New York and head to Sin City, flying first class. Elia, Vivian, Taryn and Ainsley are looking forward to this weekend trip, each for a different reason.

Elia Daniels has had a year, but in a few short months she’s going to be marrying the love of her life, Charlie Breckenridge. Which means it’s time to party!

Vivian Abernathy wants this bachelorette to be the best Elia has ever seen. She is determined that this party goes off without a hitch. Sure, she might be using it as a way to assuage her guilt over falling out of touch with Elia, but that’s not going to stop her from making this weekend perfect.

Taryn Robins has scarcely had a day off since starting business school, and this trip is the exact thing she needs to get her mind off of her hellish internship. If only she could stop contemplating what she wants next from her career long enough to enjoy herself.

Ainsley Seaborn is trying to figure out where life will take her next. Attending the bachelorette party for Elia, her ex’s new fiancé, confirms she did the right thing by breaking up with Charlie. Especially since it leaves her free to explore her options. But can she reconcile all her desires and get everything she wants?

For three days, these friends will hit the casinos, check out the man candy and even their fortunes told. Through the Vegas drama, they’ll forge deeper bonds, but can they handle what the future holds for each of them?

The events of this story take place following Central Park Collision. While you do not need to read that book prior it is encouraged and will add to your enjoyment of this novella.

Madison Avenue Mediator

Love In The Big Apple Book 2

Ainsley Seaborn always gets what she wants... except when it comes to having a baby.

Multiple Ivy-league degrees, a job as one of New York's best divorce mediators, a parade of toe-curling hookups with the hottest men in NYC--easy.

Finding the right guy to make a baby with?

Not so much.

Until Ken Baker, that is.

He's perfect in all the right ways, sexy as hell, and eager to give her exactly what she wants.

There's just one tiny problem.

She's mediating his divorce.

Until the papers are finalized, nothing can happen between Ainsley and Ken. Even if the tension is sizzling and torturous in the best way.

When he's finally free, he makes her an offer that's too hard to refuse. Being with Ken is easy, and so much better than Ainsley imagined. Turns out, Ken is a cinnamon roll in the streets and an alpha in the sheets.

But as their babymaking starts to feel more like lovemaking, Ainsley starts to wonder if she needs to guard her heart. Not so easy when Ken is whispering the filthiest things in her ear about how much he wants to fill her and how he wants to see her body change with the baby he put inside her...

Their arrangement should be enough to fulfill her desire to be a mom. So why does she want more? And how much is she going to have to risk to get the baby and the happily ever after with the man of her dreams?

Madison Avenue Mediator is a stand alone novel in the Love in the Big Apple series. This high heat novel can be read on it's own.

Financial District Fantasy

Love In the Big Apple Book 3

Taryn Robbins just wants to get through her day without any unnecessary male drama.

Working as an investment banker in a field dominated by alphamales, she’s constantly fighting for every shred of respect she gets. Earning six figures is great for helping pay down her enormous debt, but it definitely puts a damper on dating. Sure, she would love to get off, but she’s basically living in the office so it’s not like she has time for dating anyway.

Josh Bartlett hates the legacy that his father has left him in the finance world. It’s one of cheating and an illegitimate child with his secretary that broke up his parents’ marriage. That’s why he’s determined to avoid any in-office romances: nothing good can come of them. Besides, he barely has time outside of work.

When Taryn and Josh collide for the first time, it’s hard to deny that sparks are there. After convincing Taryn that he’s worth the risk, Josh continues to woo her with trips to the opera and fancy gifts. But as things heat up between them, the differences in their lifestyles become more and more apparent. It doesn’t change the way that Josh seems to understand Taryn’s needs before she can voice them, and he’s more than willing to keep her happy and satisfied. Facing down her family’s financial ruin, Taryn has to decide what matters more to her, her career or a relationship with Josh.

Will they be able to look past their reservations and nurture this growing bond between them? Or will they let the pressure of keeping their office romance a secret destroy what they have?